Sense/Place – new works by Nicholas Mills

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Sense/Place – Apr 21st – May 2nd

Canopy Art Centre – 124 Grafton St, Cairns. Opening: Tues 21st Apr, from 6.00pm >> live performance by Zane Saunders, Rebecca Youdell, and Darren Blackman with Nicholas Mills.

Kicked out of art school (Victoria College, Prahran) in the mid-80’s, Nicholas Mills has continued to express himself through a ‘painters lens’: applying this framework to a broad diversity of solo and collaborative outputs.

Sense/Place explores a series of personal threads that form a continuum in the maker’s life. Paired back from a larger body of work made over some 6 years, the video, sound works and paintings will present a very particular dichotomy: a sense of being embedded in the landscape, and yet distant.

Nicholas’ practice spans the fields of sound art, live performance and digital video/media, painting and installation. He draw’s from a wide range of source material and influences, from field and urban recordings, found sound and media, to samples and electronics.

A series of paintings will reveal aspects of self, and more: painted and scratched onto large found paper, carted around numerous properties in large rolls, and sustaining considerable ‘environmental adjustments’ along the way.

Sense/Place provides a focal point for Nicholas’ very personal creative work, and critically provides a distinct, yet reflective, perspective on the deep north.

Sense/Place is the first solo exhibition of Nicholas Mills.

Selected Background Information:

Nicholas Mills is an independent creative producer, cultural facilitator, and media artist with a long history of cultural development in the Far North.

As a collaborator, he utilises a range of sound and media disciplines to engage with dancers, performers, musicians, installation artists, actors and more.

In 2013 he collaborated with hybrid inter-media collective Bonemap on the Lodestar project, and was sound designer for JUTE theatre company’s production of Half & Half (feat Aaron Fa’aso and Jimi Bani).

Nicholas is also part of an ongoing collaboration with indigenous artist Zane Saunders that spans some 8 years. Highlights have included performances at National Gallery Canberra, the gallery exhibition ‘I, Alien’ at Kickarts Galleries, and performances as part of Cairns Indigenous Art Fair 2013, at Cairns Regional Gallery.

In 2014, their collaborative work was featured as part of the Adelaide Festival ‘Four Rooms’ exhibition at Tandanya Gallery, while later in the year, some 3 video works traveled to the imagineNATIVE Festival in Canada.

Nicholas’ most recent project is ‘The Presentation’, a cultural improvisation trio featuring former National Theatre Company of PNG’s Markham Galut, and Kabi Kabi Aboriginal man Darren Blackman.


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