#VEHICLE – Currently in Creative Development

Currently in Creative Development, #Vehicle vision is to “develop a large scale performance and media work, both on site and in studio, based on the found #VEHICLE, its relationship to people and landscape”.

The #Vehicle is located next to Highway 81 on Cape York, near the Palmer River Roadhouse. The project will involve a creative development process in-situ, and then a further creative development in Cairns after transporting the #Vehicle.

The #VEHICLE, as a visual object and metaphor, reflects the people of Cape York’s need to travel and barriers to travel;  #VEHICLE has also become part of the landscape; a weathered ‘rock like’ feature of the landscape, not alien.

#Vehicle is being led by Nicholas Mills, with key co-collaborators indigenous performance and visual artist Zane Saunders and inter-media/performance artist Rebecca Youdell (Bonemap).


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