Who the Hell is Slim Deal?


Do you know Slim? He’s the real Deal!

From the dark deep north Queensland swamplands, amongst the mangroves of the tidal Moody Creek, emerges a new icon for a post-roots paradigm: Slim Deal.

Drawing from the catalogue of myth, personal experience, and local mystery, Slim captures classic art/blues stories, dripping with shadowy activities, sweaty characters and swampy riff’s.

Described as the “Wolf of Moody Creek” Slim Deal speaks the new truth – channeling old song-men through a musty, surreal, deep north lens.

Performed with a large HD video backdrop, a Slim Deal show takes punters on a immersive journey of intrigue, mystery and colour.

Drawing from naïve blues licks, sampled objects, traditional drums and electronics, the songs traverse a post-roots landscape, looped, lush and raw.

Slim Deal has just recorded his debut EP “Red In Blue” at 5Five Studio’s.

Find him here FB:


Buy it here – Bandcamp:

Slim Deal On Bandcamp



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