Fun Life – Tegan Koster Project


The 5Five presents Tegan Koster Project’s debut single, ‘FUN LIFE’.

With great pleasure we are launching the title track from the Tegan Koster Project’s forthcoming album ‘It’s a FUN LIFE’.

Tegan Koster has been a quirky mainstay of the live music scene for many years. Originally from Cairns where she cut her musical teeth, she then moved to Dublin, played in a number of experimental bands, and honed her musical chops.

In this age of privilege, narcissism and apathy, something’s got-to-give. Anti-wellness sonic troubadour Tegan Koster, stirs the pot with her new brand of post-pop synth-rock.

Tegan Koster Project combines synths of yesteryear, strong drum feels and grungy guitar lines mixed with powerful vocals twisting around silky often strong harmonies and satire to create her unique sound.

But don’t be fooled by the anti-wellness tag: Tegan Koster is a celebration and a release. With nostalgic musical feels and psychedelic tips of the hat, the music celebrates classic form through a cynical post-pop lens.

Tegan Koster Project is now bursting out of the depths of an industrial dreamland, portraying a strength and vivaciousness that comes from experience.

The Song & Music Video were all shot at The 5Five – our sulubrious studio’s in Bungalow > home to The Don/Johnson/Butlers, Slim Deal, The Presentation, Tegan Koster Project and individual artists Darren Blackman, Daniel Wallwork, Tegan Koster & Nicholas Mills.

FUN LIFE drops very soon in 2017.


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