#VEHICLE – Currently in Creative Development

Currently in Creative Development, #Vehicle vision is to “develop a large scale performance and media work, both on site and in studio, based on the found #VEHICLE, its relationship to people and landscape”.

The #Vehicle is located next to Highway 81 on Cape York, near the Palmer River Roadhouse. The project will involve a creative development process in-situ, and then a further creative development in Cairns after transporting the #Vehicle.

The #VEHICLE, as a visual object and metaphor, reflects the people of Cape York’s need to travel and barriers to travel;  #VEHICLE has also become part of the landscape; a weathered ‘rock like’ feature of the landscape, not alien.

#Vehicle is being led by Nicholas Mills, with key co-collaborators indigenous performance and visual artist Zane Saunders and inter-media/performance artist Rebecca Youdell (Bonemap).


The 5Five

Our new dig is really breaking rocks…….5Five

5Five is busy busy: we’ve just recorded some traditional songs by Markham Galut (PNG), while indigenous choreographer Tamara Pearson is working with the studio in recording and producing a soundtrack for a new community dance for this years 2017 Laura Dance Festival.

Meanwhile, The Don Johnson Butlers have been busy pre-producing their debut EP, and the dynamic Tegan Koster Project is tinkering away at her debut recording.

Also, art-blues songman Slim Deal is also recording his debut EP, “The red in blue…”

Stay tuned peoples, lot’s going on at the 5Five.

Sense/Place – new audio works

Sense/Place – new sound works produced by me (Nicholas Mills), as part of my solo exhibition of the same name – (Canopy Art Centre, Cairns, Aust. – 21 Apr-3rd May 2015).

These works were built from a body of sounds recorded during rehearsals and performances of the improvisation trio, The Presentation.

The source sounds were created live by me during The Presentation sessions (2014) at Arthouse, and there are a number of audio artifacts present on the recordings from sound collaborators, PNG artist Markham Galut (PNG drums, voice) and Kai Kabi Aboriginal man Darren Blackman (percussion, didgeridoo).

Sense/Place – new works by Nicholas Mills

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Sense/Place – Apr 21st – May 2nd

Canopy Art Centre – 124 Grafton St, Cairns. Opening: Tues 21st Apr, from 6.00pm >> live performance by Zane Saunders, Rebecca Youdell, and Darren Blackman with Nicholas Mills.

Kicked out of art school (Victoria College, Prahran) in the mid-80’s, Nicholas Mills has continued to express himself through a ‘painters lens’: applying this framework to a broad diversity of solo and collaborative outputs.

Sense/Place explores a series of personal threads that form a continuum in the maker’s life. Paired back from a larger body of work made over some 6 years, the video, sound works and paintings will present a very particular dichotomy: a sense of being embedded in the landscape, and yet distant.

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Arthouse is Dead > Long Live Arthouse

Arthousians United!

As you may or may not know, the independent artspace I have been running, Arthouse, is having to close its doors after some 4+ years of critical cultural development.

Art spaces such as Arthouse are inevitably, rare and temporary, and they usually occupy older buildings at the end of their life. While I acknowledge this fact when taking on a building such as this, its always a curious and unsettling time when given the heave-ho.

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Arthouse @ Brisbane Fringe Festival

Currently in Brisbane for Brisbane Fringe Festival, with 2 shows: the verbatim theatre work Cherry Tree Creek playing at the Judith Wright Centre over 2 nights on Wed 20th & Thu 21st Aug, and the bogan funk band The Don Johnson/Butlers, playing The New Globe Theatre on Fri 22nd Aug. Brisvegas will never be the same. Big word up to great friend Sam Tupou for his hospitality at Poly Gone Cowboy.

 The DJB's








CherryTreeCreek - Derek Tipper