Current Projects


#VEHICLE – Currently in Creative Development

Currently in Creative Development, #Vehicle vision is to “develop a large scale performance and media work, both on site and in studio, based on the found #VEHICLE, its relationship to people and landscape”.

The #Vehicle is located next to Highway 81 on Cape York, near the Palmer River Roadhouse. The project will involve a creative development process in-situ, and then a further creative development in Cairns after transporting the #Vehicle.

The #VEHICLE, as a visual object and metaphor, reflects the people of Cape York’s need to travel and barriers to travel;  #VEHICLE has also become part of the landscape; a weathered ‘rock like’ feature of the landscape, not alien.

#Vehicle is being led by Nicholas Mills, with key co-collaborators Zane Saunders and Rebecca Youdell (Bonemap)



The Real (Slim) Deal……

Art blues songman Slim Deal has been in 5Five studio for the past few months, recording his debut release, and developing a full audio/visual show. Drenched in stories and myths from the underbelly of the deep North, Slim illustrates a shadowy and other view of the tropics.

Recently recorded at 5Five, Slim has just dropped his debut EP, “Red In Blue”.

Check him FB: 


Listen & Buy EP at Bandcamp:

Slim Deal – Red In Blue



The Presentation

The Presentation:

A cultural improvisation trio featuring former National Theatre Company of PNG’s Markham Galut, Kabi Kabi Aboriginal man Darren Blackman, and Nicholas Mills. The Presentation make new improvisational sound and media works that re-draw traditional instruments and traditions into a contemporary experimental fusion. MORE INFO


Zane Saunders

Collaboration with Zane Saunders:

Zane Saunders and Nicholas Mills share an ongoing creative collaboration that spans some 10 years. This collaboration that has involved numerous one-off, semi improvised and site specific live performances, theatrical/installation performances and media based gallery works, in a variety of locations, venues and contexts. MORE INFO



The 5Five

Our new studio dig is getting real busy…..we’ve been recording and producing a whole bunch of interesting stuff, and you’ll hear more very soon (2017). This is the official studio of The Don Johnson/Butlers, the Tegan Koster Project, Slim Deal, DJ No_Request and Biri-Jah.


Previous Projects:

Arthousians United!

Arthouse 2010-2015:

Arthouse was an artist/producer run space, located in semi-industrial Bungalow (Cairns, Far North Qld, Australia), that developed and celebrated contemporary culture in all its forms. Located in the former Croatian Cultural Club (Hrvatski Klub), the space was programmed/curated by Nicholas in conjunction with a variety of sub-cultural drivers.

Regular events included the Mixed Grill cross-artform event, In/Off Club – new music night, and the Moody Creek Bazaar – an arts and retro markets.

It was an independent cultural venue and facilitator that acted as the defacto ‘fringe’ venue for Cairns, and was driven by an inclusive developmental agenda. MORE INFO



On Edge Festival:

Held annually (mostly) between 2005-2014 in July, On Edge was an independent festival of media and performance that aimed to develop contemporary art practice in our region and link it to National and international trends and networks. Guest artists have included Aphids, post, Last Tuesday Society, Arahmaiani, Polytoxic (pictured), Tess de Quincey, Jenny Fraser, Bonemap, Keith Armstrong, Robin Fox, ReelDance (dance on screen festival), Liquid Architecture (sound art festival) and lots more  MORE INFO



Mixed Grill:

Ongoing live art, visual media and cultural series that brings together diverse artforms, traditions and contexts in thematically linked ‘micro festival’ events. Themes have included ‘Pacifica’, ‘Femme Fatale’, and ‘The Parlous State’, and guest artists have included FreQ Nasty (USA), Markham Galut (PNG), LA Vampires (USA), Mike Cooper (UK/Rome), Donny Benet, Toy Death, DJ Manchild and lots more.




HouseLab was a creative development project, funded by the Experimental Art Fund (Australia Council for the Arts), that brought together established and emerging artists in developing new performance and media works. The project was led by principle artists Zane Saunders, Rebecca Youdell and Nicholas Mills, and engaged emerging artists Emma Whitticker and Jaymen Drahm. HouseLab explored narratives of ‘tourism in a post climate change world’, and was realised through 2 streams: F.N.C.A.R.E. and ‘Where’s Murri’ – in a showing of performance, audience engagement and media interaction. HouseLAB aims to have a further creative development in 2014.




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