Slim Deal

Who The Hell Is Slim Deal?

From the dark deep north Queensland swampland, amongst the mangroves of the tidal Moody Creek, emerges a new icon for a post-roots paradigm: Slim Deal.

Drawing from the catalogue of myth, personal experience, and local mystery, Slim captures classic art/blues stories, dripping with shadowy activities, sweaty characters and swampy riff’s.

Described as the “Wolf of Moody Creek” Slim Deal speaks the new truth – channelling old blues songmen through a musty, surreal, deep north lens.

Performed with a large HD video backdrop, a Slim Deal show takes punters on a immersive journey of intrigue, mystery and colour.

Drawing from naïve blues licks, sampled objects, traditional drums and electronics, the songs traverse a post-roots landscape, looped, lush and raw.

Slim Deal has just recorded his debut EP “Red In Blue” at 5Five Studio’s. He debuted the new show “Slim Deal sings The Blues” at crate59Gallery/Billys Coffee on Fridat 23rd June 2017.

“Slim Deal sings The Blues” is available for touring and bookings.

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