The Don Johnson/Butlers

The DJB's

The Don Johnson/Butlers are the world’s ‘first declared bogan funk band’: drawing from the cannon of 70’s and 80’s funk and smashing it into classic Aussie and International hard rock lyrics.

Emerging from the dank swamp of Deep North Queensland’s fringe arts space, Arthouse, The DJB’s pull together a diverse line-up that re-defines suburban stereotypes.

Belting out a stadium funk set that re-calibrates punters’ ‘Hits & Memories’, band leader Wrong Scott (lead vocals, cow bell) heads the hot line-up of Keith Bourbon (lead guitar), BBC (drums), Silly-Ray Cyrus (bass), Crystal Breath (vocals, keys) and Savior Crudd (backing vocals).

 Drawing from classic funk tracks from the 70’s & 80’s, the band then re-interpret classic rock lyrics in a live mash of the two disciplines.

With a rhythm section drenched in old school funk basslines, classic 70’s & 80’s synth’s, and timeless lyrics to wave your hands in the air to, The Don Johnson/Butlers remind punters of their bogan roots, and mums record collection at the same time.

“Their sartorial and instrumental stylings are pure funk, and their lyrical and refreshment leanings are pure bogan. In a nutshell, if George Clinton’s future funkadelic band members had worked on the South Australian docks and hooked up with Barnesy, this could have been the result.” – Jon Niehaus, NQ MusicPress, Nov 2014.

The Don Johnson/Butlers present a wack show of lush funky grooves, hands-in-the-air rock lyrics, glitzy sequins, classic stubby shorts and more chutzpah than Lemmy at an 80’s block party.

Forming in mid-2014, The DJB’s have played events such as Brisbane Fringe Festival, Wallaby Creek Festival, Millaa Milla Bogan Bash and the Deadroots festival.

With the band now featuring the former members of seminal Indigenous band The Pad Boys, The Don Johnson/Butlers ares re-arranging their funk furniture into a powerful new force.

The DJB’s have just established their own Studio 55, and are working towards releasing their debut EP and music video in mid 2017.


The DJB's

The DJB's



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