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The Presentation

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Markham Galut > Darren Blackman > Nicholas Mills

The Presentation redefines cultural sound-making for a new age.

Comprising 3 diverse artists that bring a range of unique disciplines to the table, The Presentation make new improvisational sound and media works that re-draw traditional instruments and traditions into a contemporary experimental fusion.

Born in the dank swamp of North Queensland, The Presentation harnesses very particular suites of experiences from the core members. Utilising traditional drums and mouth instruments, processed guitar and electronics, voice and a ‘live’ percussive lecturn, the sound traverses a colourful spectrum.

Markham Galut, from the Morobe Province in PNG, has worked with David Bridie, Not Drowning Waving, George Telek, Grrilla Step and Drum Drum, and is a skilled actor, dancer, choreographer, mime artist and musician. Most recently he has been performing with Airileke at Woodford Festival, and the forthcoming Womadelaide Festival.

Darren Blackman, a musician and visual artist, is of Aboriginal Kabi Kabi nation and Kanaka heritage. A multi instrumentalist, he’s performed throughout Far North Qld, The Dreaming and Woodford Folk Festival playing drums, guitar, keyboards, yidaki (didgeridoo) and as a vocalist for the CIAF Indigenous choir.

Nicholas Mills is an independent media artist and producer, and is currently the producer/director of the annual On Edge Media and Performance Festival, runs the independent contemporary arts venue Arthouse, and curates the ongoing Mixed Grill live arts/media series.

He has performed, in various guises, at Woodford Festival, Melbourne Fringe, Liquid Architecture Festival, the IMA and the Australian National Gallery. He approaches sound from a ‘painters’ perspective.

The Presentation debuted their live performance at the Arthouse event Mixed Grill in Cairns.


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